Goat Milk for Health

Milk is a must-have in your daily diet composition to provide you with calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein which are all essential for healthy bone growth and development. Though cow’s milk remains one of the most common daily drinks, it is remarkable to note that it may also be the reason why many people experience gas, bloating and other forms of indigestion. On the contrary, Goat milk is a much healthier substitute. Goats produce about 2% of the world’s milk supply and it is fascinating that most of the people who consume goat milks refer to a lower incidence of allergies and digestive complaints. Goat milk may be harder to purchase in terms of availability and access in some parts of the world, but the remarkable health benefits of goat milk and the recent research into its positive effects on the human body have made it a very popular choice. Powdered goat milk with a longer shelf life makes solves some of the above stated issues related to accessibility.

Fairway Health, a subsidiary Fairway Holdings, is a dynamic Healthcare company that aims to provide the highest quality healthcare products to the Sri Lankan market. Fair health has introduced ‘Kabrita’, Sri Lanka’s first paediatric goat milk. This is prepared from the highest quality goat milk and developed specially to meet the nutritional requirements of children of different ages. Enhanced with vitamin D, Kabrita Instant goat milk powder is made from full cream Dutch goat milk which is known for its high quality and pleasant taste. This can be found at all leading pharmacies. Kabrita is gentle goat milk, with an adopted protein profile to suite children aged 1-12 years. In addition, kabrita is enriched with an easily digestible fat blend that will ease digestion . It is also believed that goat milk helps in reducing phlegm in children.
Key benefits of goat milk are:
• Strengthen bones
• Boost heart health
• A gentler alternative than cow milk
• Easy to digest
• Provides nutrition as good as that of cow milk and more of other high level nutrients.
• Has a deliciously mild taste

Research has revealed that as we age, the chemical composition and impact of goat milk on our body is actually better than the effects of cow milk. Kabrita, has been developed specially to meet the nutritional requirements of children of different ages, hence inducing the nutrients of goats milk from a very younger age.


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